Erik Vilar - DJ and producer, resident at two of the biggest festivals in the world, Xlsior (Mykonos, Greece) and Hell & Heaven (Brazil), as well as resident at El Teatro (Costa Rica), ERIK VILAR is one of the hottest DJs in the world today. 

In the modern social media age, ERIK has shot to fame, marked by his massive following of over 330k on Instagram and Facebook, making him the most-followed party DJ in the world, as well as a leader among social influencers. 

Erik has refined his sound by adopting a modern style, playing high energy songs, many which dominate pop music, that he has uniquely mixed with strong beats and drums— often indicative of his Brazilian roots. These elements, combined with his ability to read and play to the crowd as to control its energy make his live sets one of the most in-demand commodities for events all over the world.

ERIK VILAR’s global brand has transcended cultures as its brought crowds to dance floors in countries such as the United States, Canada, India, Singapore, Switzerland, Greece, France, and the entirety of South America. He’s performed Black and Blue Festival (Montreal, Canada), Xlsior Festival (Mykonos, Greece), I:M Seoul (Seoul, South Korea), Winter Party Festival (Miami, USA), Motion Festival (Colombia), Hell and Heaven (Brazil), as well as embarked on a 28-stop US Tour, 4-stop tour of India, and summer tours in Europe. And Erik is unquestionably beloved by the LGBTQ community, where he’s performed at Prides from Sao Paulo to New York to Seattle to Philadelphia to San Francisco and more!