DJ Ivan Gomez

Ivan Gomez, born in Barcelona, is one of the most known DJs and producers worldwide. His mixture of various House genres that include Tribal, Progressive, Tech House and Underground, tinged with uplifting vocals from time to time, become an absolute treat every time he plays. His live sets captivates and impresses with impeccable construction through privates, live mash ups and original productions.

Ivan Gomez has been DJing since he was 19 years old. He was absorbed by the big clubs and festivals in Europe. He has established himself and played throughout the European continent in every major city: Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, Naples, Milan, Rome, Cologne, London, Berlin to mention a few. In 2010 he made the big jump to the American continent, and from there on his DJ career took on a completely new direction, becoming an on-demand international DJ, playing at the hottest clubs and parties worldwide.

Among the parties that he has played around the world we have Circuit Festival (Barcelona), PRISM Festival (Toronto), Big Roger's Vancouver Gay Pride (Vancouver), PAPA Party (NY, Tel Aviv, Barcelona), AREA (London), Gay Village (Rome), Criminal Candy (Naples), HustlaBall (Brussels), Karmabeat (Mexico City), Lesboa (Lisbon), Angels Events (Zurich) and Spirit of London (São Paulo). Furthermore, he holds residency and has had guest sets at several clubs worldwide, such as The Week (São Paulo), Josefine (Belo Horizonte), Construction (Lisbon), Living (Mexico City), FLY (Toronto), GIAM (Rome), Kluster (Madrid), Red & Blue (Antwerp), Club Angel (Shanghai), plus many more.

On the production side, Ivan began his career in 2008, with his first original production titled "Work My Beats". This track became a favorite of several DJs worldwide, and got major acceptance from clubbers around the world. In 2010 he started his own recording label, Guareber Recordings, laying the foundation for him to become a producer sensation worldwide, and making Guareber Recordings the favorite LGBT (and straight-friendly) label from every major DJ and fan around the world. Furthermore, to date he has six #1 Billboard Dance Club Charts. Finally, he has remixed for an extensive list of DJs and artists through the past years, working on original remix work for the late Peter Rauhofer, Pet Shop Boys, Ono, Vassy, Cazzette, Dave Aude, Robbie Rivera, Offer Nissim, and Avril Lavigne, among many others.

Within the last few years, Ivan Gomez has become a global sensation, and in 2014 he will be headlining one of the United States' BIGGEST and LONGEST running Circuit Parties: Palm Springs White Party, on its 25th anniversary.

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