DJ Alain Jackinsky

Alain Jackinsky is native to the province of Alberta, Canada, but he has been residing in Montreal for more than 15 years. Music has forever been part of his everyday life, but Alain quickly developed an intense and specific fascination for House Music as he learned to discover the Montreal gay club scene. Alain took his first spin in the DJ booth in 2001 and he quickly grew to become a popular figure in Montreal.

Over the years, he acquired a solid reputation among his peers, who instantly recognized the quality of his mixing techniques and valued his precious contributions in the recording studio. Jackinsky is really passionate about House Music and his energy in the DJ booth often explodes into renditions of sparkling hot sound textures that favor the multilayered rhythms of Vocal, Tribal, Progressive and Tech House.

Alain's reputation is one of a true crowd pleaser. He claims weekly and monthly residencies at the most popular gender-rich clubs in the province of Quebec, such as Club Apollon, the Complexe Sky, Club Drague, and Stereo Nightclub, and regularly performs around the world in highly acclaimed venues and events such as The Week in Brazil, Karmabeat Mexico or Circuit Barcelona Festival in Spain.

Alain's current influences derive from the likes of today's international key figures in the House Music scene, but make no mistake, Jackinsky always succeeds in setting himself apart with his sulphuric style and sharp musical inspiration. In order to expand his horizons as a producer, Alain completed a full training program at the &Eacut;cole MusiTechnic in Montreal in 2006, where he refined his technical skills and acquired all the necessary tools that would enable him to invest all his time on his life-long dream, music production.

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