DJ Roland Belmares

DJ Roland Belmares has been called on to play several events across the United States, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Miami, traveled north of the border to play in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto, and he broke into the international scene with dates in Rio de Janeiro for R:evolution and Pool Party, as well as Sao Palo and Elektra. Then, of course, there are those major circuit events like White Party, Winter Party (Miami), Alegria (New York) and Fireball (Chicago) among all of which Roland rose to the occasion, consistently delivering audiences his unique blend of high energy and tribal vocals.

With a growing fan base spanning coast to coast, it was only a matter of time before Belmares was called upon to mix CDs for the industry's leading dance labels, including Dance One, 4Play Records, Centaur (Global & Party Groove) and Harlequin Records. The latter two having recently captured his unique tribal vocals on CDs entitled Blue Ball V.5 (Centaur) and Boy (Harlequin).

As for what lies ahead for Belmares, it appears he's dedicated to dance music beyond simply maintaining his status as one of the scene's top rated DJs, and is putting his name in the ring as a remixer/producer. Roland's talent as a remixer includes work on projects for many of today's dance-floor divas, including Pepper Mashay, Pat Hodges, Kristine W, Abigail, Debby Holiday, Billie Myers and most recently, Amber.

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