Morabito: The Art Of Enduring Excellence

The word “legendary” rolls off the tongue easily and often these days, but in the world of music and nightlife that story is usually told in the past tense. Unless the legend happens to be Susan Morabito. Few names have dominated the dance scene over the course of three decades and remain as relevant, current and celebrated as Morabito.

Morabito has graced every major club and headlined the most prestigious events across the country. The GMHC Morning Party, Dance On Washington, Blue Ball, Cherry, Zoo Party, Alegria, Gay Days, White Party Palm Springs, Dance On The Pier and star-studded galas for Calvin Klein, American Ballet Theater, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Sotheby's, Martha Stewart and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute are just a few of the functions she played. She was the first woman to headline the infamous Saint At Large Black Party in New York City and her musical reach extends to gigs in Tokyo, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Milan and Amsterdam.

The past two years brought a quarterly residency at Viva in New York, the WE Party in New York and San Francisco, Masterbeat in Los Angeles, White Horizons in Miami, The Pines Party on Fire Island, Black & Blue in Montreal and gigs at major clubs all over the United States.

A new generation is now discovering and raving about the impeccable taste and rare ability to create a cohesive and seamless experience on the dance floor that sets Morabito apart and that earned her the appreciation and respect of dancers and peers alike. Through a new focus on music production and remixing she will take her meticulous standards and craft well into the future and will ensure that the legend continues.

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