VJ Tom Yaz

Since he was a teenager, VJ Tom Yaz has pushed the pop culture envelope. It was at the advent of the MTV revolution when Yaz, just a teenager, saw the possibilities of video as an entertainment medium in clubs and at special events. By combining his vast knowledge of pop culture with his technological prowess he's become one of the most sought-after VJ's. Whether it's in one of Boston's trendiest clubs or on board one of the world's largest cruise ships, Yaz provides an eclectic mix of the old and the new.

Boston-born Yaz is unique in his profession having at his disposal an enormous library of historical clips that pre-date MTV. He mixes them with historical sequences from movies and television to create a dynamic entertainment experience that crosses generations in appeal. YAZ-TV isn't just a night of Top 40 clips, it's an interactive experience that shows everything old is new again.

Since he arrived in 1981 on Boston's world-famous Lansdowne Street, Tom Yaz has been a mainstay in the New England club scene, including a 14-year run at Back Bay's popular Club Café where he set the standard for video entertainment. In Provincetown for the past five years, he has made the Crown and Anchor's Wave Bar a must-visit nightspot that brings together tourists and townies alike. As the club's resident VJ he entertains a spill over crowds with his innovative themed evenings, such as his hugely successful Stage and Screen Night.

For the past three years he's become a regular entertainer with RSVP Vacations appearing on the some of the world's largest cruise ships during high travel season. On these ships Tom offers travelers a wide array of entertainment opportunities, from video streaming into the ships' thousands of cabins, to dancing in one of the video bars or watching clips on the ship's stadium-sized Jumbotron.

Tom's talents extend to remixes as well. Some of his most popular clips are his re-imaginings of classic 1960s songs by such artists as Mama Cass, Petula Clark, and the Supremes. His encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture guarantees that no evening of Yaz-TV will be the same twice. Expect the unexpected, and to be amused and amazed by his mix of the latest videos and retro classics.

"My goal has always been to create a night of something that's unique and fun," Yaz explained in an interview. "I want to recycle the great music from different generations and make it fresh and accessible for a room or crowd of any size or age."

Yaz-TV is portable enough to travel to small venues, as well as larger corporate-sized events. He has the talent and technology to turn any room with four walls into a video bar, and to preside over a unique and fun evening.

In the past few years Yaz has appeared at such events as the Hope Event at Boston Ritz Carlton, video installations at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston's Human Rights Campaign's post dance party, Fenway Community Health Center's Men's Event, The Gay Games in Chicago, and in New York City.