DJ Chris Racine

For Provincetown-based DJ Chris Racine, the story of how he grew to love music is unlike any you may have heard. As a child, he was almost completely deaf. The only sound he could hear was the music coming from his parents' stereo. He spent as much time as he could playing with that stereo, treasuring the experience, the joy, that that simple act afforded him. After corrective surgery, his love for music (and that stereo) grew even stronger, growing to incorporate lights and lighting—anything he could get his hands on.

His "big break" came as a chance opportunity; he walked into a local club, just before the changeover to a 21-and-over venue, and noticed the DJ having trouble with the sound system. Eager to help (and under 21 at the time), this self-taught aspiring DJ helped the resident DJ fix the situation within minutes. From there, the situation snowballed. "I guess they were impressed with me, that I knew how to fix the problem," he says. "I pretended to know about DJing, and they offered me a job right on the spot... I had to learn mixing really quickly," he says with a laugh.Since then, Chris has been doing the things he loves most: making people happy and seeing floors of them dance to his music. He's produced many mixes for the legendary Hot Tracks Remix Service, where he remixed the veritable hit parade of Deborah Cox, Expose, The Backstreet Boys, Cyndi Lauper, and Sting. He still continues to remix and produce, but for his own use. "I play my own remixes and edits on the dance floor," he says, aiming to keep the Chris Racine experience a unique and evolving one.And he's been keeping that vibe going. And going. And going. After DJ Julian Marsh suggested possible opportunities in Provincetown, doors began to fly open for Chris. Spinning all over the United States, in Italy, Greece, and recently Spain playing cruises, and for many years at the "Vault @ Large" and "Firemen's Ball" events at the Crown & Anchor, Provincetown's premier resort, where he's been spinning since 2004.Now he's at the forefront of DJs who also mix video, visuals, and graphics into their sets, working up his own edits and creating new work on the fly. Having worked with superstar DJs like Joe Gauthreaux, Phil B, Tony Moran, and Susan Morabito in the past, whatever is next for Chris Racine is something any fan of dance music should eagerly await.

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