James Judd

JAMES JUDD is former member of the Los Angeles based improv group The Groundlings, and worked the stand-up circuit until age 30, when he decided to go to law school to become a criminal defense attorney. (He’s still licensed in New Hampshire.) An epiphany as an underprepared law student making his debut in criminal court—detailed in his story The Defense Rests—propelled him back to comedy, where he opted for autobiographic storytelling, instead of stand-up, for a more theatrical and satisfying experience for both himself and his audience. He was born in New Jersey, lived in Manhattan for many years and has recently relocated to Miami, Florida.

Judd has performed as "The Closer" for 25 live,sold-out performances of the hit-NPR show Snap Judgment, in many of the largest theaters in the USA.  He is also the author of the book, “Now I Know: Essays and Monologues.”

Judd was recently the New York All For One Theater Festival Artist in Residence, where he developed his 75-minute autobiographical play Killer Quack.  The piece details the true story of his involvement with Dean Faiello, an infamous con man who posed as a dermatologist in Manhattan and was dubbed by The New York Post as “The Killer Quack in the Concrete Coffin Case.” Faiello made tabloid headlines when it was discovered that he’d killed one of his patients, buried her in a garage, and fled to Costa Rica. Judd, looking to have a tattoo removed, became his patient, and is now his prison confidant.  Debuting in November 2013, Killer Quack has since been performed in various U.S. cities as well as in Toronto.

DC Metro Theater Arts called Judd’s Killer Quack, “One of those rare moments in the theatre that moves the audience along the spectrum of emotion … the beauty of the work that Judd has composed, or rather lived through and repurposed into this evening of storytelling, is that he spends time in the grey areas of emotions, where humor and drama coincide, and where self-awareness and uncertainty overlap.”

As a comedian and comedy writer, James has worked on many entertainment projects, including television appearances on Star Search and Evening at the Improv. His critically acclaimed, award-winning, one-man, autobiographical play 7SINS has been produced more than two dozen times in North America and internationally.

Other productions include Funny Stories, Funny Stories 2, Starf***ers, and Breathe Normally. Judd's production, A Minor Midcareer Retrospective, was produced at the 2016 London Fringe Festival, the 2015 Midtown International Theater Festival (New York City - Best Actor Award), and Toronto's SoulO Theatre Festival.  Judd’s The Now I Know Show based on his recent book, played Williamsport, PA, Saugatuck MI, and Jersey City, NJ earlier this year.


. More information is at jamesbjudd.com.


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