James Judd

Venue: Cabaret Room
Featuring: James Judd
Funny Stories!

Stand-up Storyteller James Judd is the headliner of NPR‘s mega-hit radio show and podcast Snap Judgment’s live tours. Often compared to David Sedaris and Oscar Wilde, Judd shares his stories of "spectacular public embarrassments and utter failures." An alumni of the famous Groundlings comedy troupe, and one of the New Faces of the Hollywood Improv, Judd’s stories include battling a viciously competitive 5th grade mean girl for the grand prize in The Book Report, and hand to hand combat with a hunger shark in How I Made My First Friend…in New England, winner of Snap Judgment’s Most Hilarious Story of the Year Award. His stories affirm that part of being human is telling the stories that have happened to us, and even in the face of failure, it's getting up and moving forward that matters.  The Washington Post says, “Judd’s conversation style is loud, lightning fast and nonstop. His biggest asset is his delivery, which never feels rehearsed, as if he’s simply recounting these absorbing personal anecdotes over dinner. “Relax,” Judd said as he took the stage. “You’re in the hands of a master.” You can take him at his word.”